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Imagen aleatoria

Natrix natrix
Natrix natrix
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Amphibia, Amphibien, Lurche

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Anura, Salientia (1316)
Aglossa, Archaeobatrachia, Neobatrachia, Pelobatoidea, Rhinophrynoidea, Mantellidae, Bombinatoridae
Gymnophiona, Apoda, Blindwühlen (5)
The order Gymnophiona is comprised of caecilians. Caecilians are unusual amphibians possessing reduced tails, with the exception of the family Ichthyophiidae, reduced eyes, segmented skin with tiny scales, powerful heads for burrowing, and acute olfactory systems. Caecilians actually resemble giant earthworms, rather than typical amphibians. Caecilians are found throughout most of northeast South America, a few patches in southeast Africa, and much of southern Asia.
Caecilia,Wurmwühlen, Ichthyophis, Fischwühlen, Rhinatrema, Nasenwühlen, Scolecomorphus, Typhlonecte, Wasserwühlen, Schwimmwühlen
Caudata, Schwanzlurche (310)
Photos of salamanders, newt, waterdogs, mupuppies, amphiuma, sirens, etc. If you're unsure what family your photo should go in, you can simply post in the Caudata Gallery.
Ambystomatidae, Cryptobranchidae, Dicamptodontidae, Gymnophiona, Hynobiidae, Plethodontidae, Proteidae, Rhyacotritonidae, Salamandridae

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